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The Lion King Broadway

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Now is the time to experience the unforgettable music, stunning artistry and the thrilling choreography that only comes from Disney’s Lion King. You can join in on the circle of life by setting aside time to see Broadway’s memorable, award-winning best musical.

The lively stage adaption of the 1994 Disney film The Lion King, winner of an Academy Award, is a story about a young lion prince that is living within the flourishing African Pride lands. Being born into the royal family, the curious cub Simba goes through his days while exploring the sprawling grasslands of the savanna, while idolizing Mufasa, his kingly father. At the same time, he youthfully shirks his position in life. After an unthinkable tragedy transpires that takes his father’s life, orchestrated by Simba’s evil uncle Scar, Simba leaves the Pride Lands and leaves both his loss as well as the life that he knew behind. Eventually, Simba is companioned by two unlikely and hilarious friends, starting anew. When the burden of responsibility and a plea from the ravaged Pride Lands comes looking for the now-adult prince, Simba has to take on a formidable enemy to fulfill his destiny to be the king. This is an exciting and vibrant tale from the creative minds at Disney, making The Lion King a story of redemption and love that everyone should see.